Do YOU Have What It Takes to Be One of Us?


The Coaching Universe (and Your Own Success)
Is Counting on You!

Hey There, Super-Coach!

It’s Amanda Goldman-Petri here (or AGP for short.)

I bet that when you started your coaching business, you didn’t think you’d be fighting crime, did you?


Like virtually every single one of us, you thought that it would be a low-stress way to get paid well and make a real difference in the lives of your clients.

You had visions of being a hero!

And that’s exactly what you strive for every day – doing good in the world while charging what you want and living the kind of lifestyle you enjoy. Am I right?


Nobody told you about all the villains around here, did they?

You know, the ones hiding in grimy back alleys, waiting to mess up your game and keep you from even coming near your goals.

They’re in cahoots, these nefarious evil-doers… and they’re after your income… your time… and your sanity.

But most of all, they want to destroy your coaching powers for good! (Well, for evil, really….)

I’ve been patrolling the streets around here for a LONG time, and I’ve pretty much seen it all.

  • Women and men hunkered down in fear, wondering why they ever decided to become coaches in the first place…
  • Business and marketing coaches robbed of the ability to charge the fees they really deserve…
  • Clients who have paid huge sums for coaching, wandering around lost and empty-handed…
  • Bright, innovative coaches confined to the shadows of obscurity because of a lack of testimonials….
  • Half-crazed sales and money coaches muttering incoherently to themselves, trying to figure out what to offer to their clients…

All because the Coaching Universe is rife with villains who will do anything in their power to ruin you!

Let’s meet a few of these villains of the
Coaching Universe, shall we?

Doc Uncertainty

Doc Uncertainty is one of the most pernicious super-villains ever to tread the Coaching Universe. A master of mental shenanigans, he frequently deploys his signature Mind Scramble to confuse, misdirect, and frustrate coaches.

Symptoms of Doc Uncertainty’s attacks include “shiny object syndrome,” inability to know what course materials to offer, and difficulty helping clients get real results from your programs and offers.

The Tirekicker

Known and loathed in the Coaching Universe, The Tirekicker is one super-villain every coach comes face to face with. Thanks to his keen power of wishy-washiness, he’ll take up countless hours of your time without refusing to commit to making any real change… or doing any real work.

He is also responsible for driving more than 983 coaches to seek permanent residence at the Mental Asylum for the Previously Sane… and that’s just this month.

The Fluff

Risen from the murky depths of the Screaming Swamp, this odiferous villain is made almost entirely of hot air… but don’t let that fool you! Countless coaches have fallen prey to The Fluff and his uncanny ability to make selling empty, unhelpful courses sound like a great idea.

His one and only aim is to discredit the coaching industry by luring otherwise honest coaches into a life of bilking clients and giving them almost nothing in return.

Mr. Rockbottom

Mr. Rockbottom looks and acts just like any mildmannered coaching client. But he’s only willing to pay the lowest price possible for your coaching, courses, and other offers.

Because he’s easily deterred by the Shield of Testimonials and the Ring of Referrals, he prefers to pick fights with newer, less experienced coaches who don’t have these items in their arsenals.

And that’s just a few of the sinister thugs lurking about, waiting to take the joy, satisfaction, and profitability out of your coaching business.

But fear not…

In these dark times, one beacon of light emerges to illuminate the way… a blaze of truth, integrity, and pretty snazzy profits.

We are united in our fight against treachery, and unwavering in our quest to build a safer, better world for ALL coaches.

We are…

Behind closed doors, far away from the villainous treachery that most business, marketing, sales, and money coaches face on a daily basis, we unite to further a single aim: To help YOU build the successful, powerful coaching business that lets you…

Command the fees you really deserve, even if you’ve been shaken down for years by clients who have forced you to accept peanuts for your wisdom and insights!

Amplify your impact on your clients by letting you become an expert in MULTIPLE disciplines – you get to be your own Wonder Twin and transform your coaching into whatever a client needs most (“Form of… Smokin’ Copy Funnel Builder!”)

Help your clients achieve such incredible results that they’ll JUMP on the opportunity to write/record a rockin’ testimonial for you… making it easier for you to attract more of the clients you really want!

Always have super-secret training courses on hand to offer your clients… so you can whip up a storm of cash any time you want (and have your clients love you for it)!

Compel your clients to send the perfect referrals your way (without even asking them)… so that you never have to worry about how you’re going to find new clients to expand your business!

Spend your time working with clients one-on-one... instead of wracking your brain trying to come up with course content!

Finally get true satisfaction from your business... because you know that your clients are getting MAXIMUM value for every dollar they invest!

In short… we’re all about JUSTICE!

JUSTICE for new and established coaches who are trying to do the right thing by providing immense value to their clients… but who get passed over in favor of blowhard “gurus” who do a LOT of self promotion, but very little useful training or coaching!

JUSTICE for coaches who are struggling to command the fees they need to keep the lights on and the bank account in the black!

JUSTICE for clients who desperately need solid advice and training… but who keep getting “taken for a ride” by unscrupulous coaches that only care about stuffing their purses with cash!

We’re a small but mighty group… and we will settle for nothing less than turning the Coaching Universe (and its cabal of thugs and cretins) upside down!

“Hang On… What Makes You Qualified to Lead the
League of Certified Coaches®?”

That’s a fair question. You’re expecting great things from your membership… and since you’ll be learning directly from me, it only makes sense to ask what I’ve been doing in the Coaching Universe that makes investing in League membership a worthwhile endeavor.

So you probably know that I’ve been doing a LOT of coaching over the past several years… particularly with coaches who want to gain visibility and bring more clients to their businesses.

But what you might not know is that I’ve helped coaches in 31 countries (on 6 continents) transform their businesses… and go from frustrated and struggling to wildly profitable and successful!

“31 countries on 6 continents? Really, Amanda?”

Ahem. *Throws back cape*

North America: United States, Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda

South America: Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia

Europe: United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece, Montenegro, Slovenia, Ukraine, Italy,
Ireland, Norway

Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Egypt, Nigeria

Australia: Australia, New Zealand

Asia: Dubai, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia

Admittedly, I haven’t worked with any clients who live in Antarctica. I suspect that’s because there are no permanent residents there, though – just a handful of researchers and a few tourists who REALLY love to be cold.

And, yeah, it’s really cool to have been able to help so many coaches from (almost) all over the world. But here’s what’s even more important:

I have among the highest client success rates in the entire coaching industry.

Case in point: I recently opened my Cash Injection Certification (one of my most popular courses)… and 94% of the coaches who enrolled had banked up to $40K within the first 3 weeks using what they learned!

In a run of one of my other courses, the coaches who took part made a whopping $661K in just 60 days... just by making a few tweaks to what they were already doing!

And that’s just the beginning. One of my Certified Coaches taught one of her clients a strategy from my training (I authorized her to do that)… and that one strategy netted her client a cool $175,000!

So the bottom line is this: I’m not kidding around when I say I’m out to change the Coaching Universe for good. The strategies I teach WORk... and that’s why hundreds of coaches insist on working with me to help them drive their success into the stratosphere!

“OK, Seems Legit. So Tell Me, Amanda... What Do I Get
if I Join Your Band of Rebel Superheroes?”

I’m glad you asked, Soon-to-Be League Member! I’ve loaded our private headquarters with some SERIOUS knowledge, training, tools, and support to help you skyrocket your coaching business and be the “go to” coach everyone in your niche wants to work with:

The Hall of Certifications

Each month, you’ll choose and focus on obtaining one certification on a topic that will be critical to building and rocking your coaching business. By taking a deep dive into just one topic, you’ll quickly gain the expertise you need to catapult to success faster than The Flash can make a ham sandwich!

Inside each certification course, you’ll get complete video training modules, along with downloadable worksheets, tools and resources to help you get the job done, and LOADS of other stuff to get you to total mastery fast!

(Oh yeah, there’s a certification test at the end of each course. You’ll need to pass it to receive your certification, but no need to worry… you’ve got this!)

Now, I can’t reveal the entire list of certification courses and training materials (I’m still adding topics, and by the time I’m done, you’ll have access to more certifications than Deadpool has bad jokes.) But just to whet your appetite, here are a few of the topics:

Certified Webinar Marketing Coach:
In case you haven’t noticed, webinars are fantastic for attracting new clients (That’s how I got more than 100 highly qualified client leads in just 30 days). But they have to be done correctly to get you the most results without taking up all of your time. In this certification course, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to not only create attention grabbing, high-converting webinars… but also to automate virtually everything so your webinars are generating leads for you day and night (without requiring you to lift a finger). I’ll even give you the exact copy I used to fill my workshop to capacity in just 24 hours!

Upon Certification and Licensing, you can even teach my Webinar Strategies to your clients and duplicate and sell my Webinar Workshop in your own business.

Certified Content Marketing Coach:
If you want to make a huge impact with your coaching business (and earn the kind of cash you really want), you need to put a TON of content out there to attract the right clients. But for most coaches, creating content is a huge drain… so they just don’t do it. I created this certification course to show you how to create a mountain of engaging content in less time... so you can appear to be everywhere! (This is one of the main strategies I used when I was ramping up my coaching business – without it, I’d probably still be struggling to get anyone’s attention.)

Upon Certification and Licensing, you can even teach my content marketing strategies to your clients and sell it in your business for profit!

Certified Website Conversion Coach:
With so much emphasis on social media these days, you might think that an actual website just isn’t that important anymore. But here’s the deal: Your website is the “home base” of your entire online presence. Once people hear about you on social media, they’re going to head straight to your website to find out more about you. But if you’ve got a cheesy website that doesn’t convert, you’re not going to get any new clients! In this certification course, I’ll show you exactly how to set up your site for maximum results – one client who was scheduling ZERO sales calls actually started getting super-hot leads within 24 hours of implementing the changes I recommend!

Upon Certification and Licensing, you'll even be able to sell website conversion strategy calls and workshops!

White Label Rights to Completed Certification Content

After you complete a certification course, you won’t just take away the knowledge, expertise, and tools you gain from your training… you’ll actually walk away with the course itself!

What the heck do I mean by that?

Once you’re certified on a topic, you’ll have full license to use the training materials from the course in your own business. You can teach your own clients how to master the topic using the very same course materials I used to certify you!

That means that you’ll NEVER have to spend months trying to figure out what to teach your clients or coming up with training materials from scratch… because it’s all done for you!

But don’t worry…

You can change anything you want in the course materials. That way, you can brand it as your own… integrate parts of it into your own training… whatever you like! And you’ll keep the rights to use those materials for life… even if you decide to drop out of the League for some crazy reason!

Monthly Super-Coach Training Courses

As a League member, you’ll be delving into intensive monthly trainings designed to help you become a rockstar coach. Most coaches teach you how to SELL but no one (until now) is showing you how to SERVE. Unfortunately that means these are the things that most coaches never even think about.

Each of these trainings reflects my years of experience navigating the seedy side streets of the Coaching Universe, so everything I’m showing you has been battle-tested and proven to deliver massive results in the shortest time possible! You will hone your coaching skills and discover how to become an Elite High Paid Coach Who Gets Real Results For Their Clients.

We'll cover topics like:

  • The #1 Most Important Thing Every Coaching Business Must Have
  • How do you maintain boundaries during holidays, vacation, etc?
  • How do you keep your clients engaged?
  • How do you handle it when one client is bringing the energy of the group down?
  • How do you balance between letting the client make their own decision and you guiding them on what to do?
  • How do you maintain client results as you switch from 1on1 to Group?
  • And more!

The Template Vault

I’m not only going to give you in-depth training to help you kick some serious butt in your coaching business… I’m also going to give you a TON pf templates, swipe-able copy, tested and proven scripts, and MUCH more to take the guesswork out of marketing your biz and working with clients. These templates and tools will help you get back HOURS of your time each week (and make every element of your business even more effective)!

I'll provide you with swipe-able templates you can use to handle common coaching scenarios like:

  • What to do when a client asks to cancel their contract early, stop paying, or get a refund.
  • What to do when a client isn't taking action.
  • What to do when a client is unhappy with their results.
  • What to say when you want to ask a client for a testimonial.
  • What to say when you want to "fire" or let go of a client.
  • What to say when a prospect asks to "pick your brain" and get free coaching.
  • What to do when you get negative feedback on your social media profiles.
  • And more!

Monthly Super-Mentor Sessions

Every month, you’ll get an invitation to our League of Certified Coaches™ group coaching call. We’ll all jump on the phone/laptop and tackle a topic that will help all of you structure, market, and run your coaching businesses for maximum success! And there will be plenty of time to ask questions on every call – you’ll get to ask your questions and learn from the answers to other peoples’ questions too. Many of my clients say that they wouldn’t miss my group coaching calls for anything!

Access to the Secret League Headquarters (aka Facebook Group)

What good is belonging to a League of anything if you can’t have each other’s backs? When you become a member of the League of Certified Coaches™, you get exclusive access to our private Facebook group. There, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals who want to see you succeed, and who want to do their part to restore honor and integrity to the Coaching Universe.

The League Facebook group is also an excellent place to ask questions, get advice, and even form friendships and strategic partnerships. (And, of course, I’ll be popping in to answer questions and light a fire under your butts now and then.)

PLUS… Become a Member of the League of Certified Coaches™
Today and Get BONUS Access To...

The Coachies - our annual Super-Coach Awards! That’s where we publicly and lavishly recognize coaches who have made outstanding progress toward their personal and professional goals, and who have made exceptional contributions to the Coaching Universe. Unlike most coach programs that require a fee to apply for Award recognition, you can apply for FREE each year as long as you remain a member in good standing!

Why do we do this? Because the coaches who deserve recognition are the ones who provide incredible client value and customer service, and who are committed to building their businesses with integrity and authenticity! (Other programs simply recognize the coaches with the biggest bank accounts… but that’s only one component of a successful biz.)

So What Makes the League of Certified Coaches® Different?

I’m sure that if you’ve noticed the ads in your Facebook feed lately, you’ve noticed that there are TONS of training programs out there for coaches.

But here are a few things that make the League of Certified Coaches™ leaps and bounds beyond anything else out there:

  • You’re not only getting training… you’re getting FULL white label rights to the training for each certification course you successfully complete. You get to be a certified expert on the topic you’re learning about… AND you get to rebrand the course materials to sell in your own business!
  • You won’t just learn how to grow your coaching business – you’ll actually learn how to excel at coaching. That means you’ll be providing exponentially greater value to your clients… which translates to greater loyalty, glowing testimonials, and a steady stream of qualified, ready-to sign referrals!
  • You’re getting real-world knowledge from a veteran coach and marketer with nearly a decade of experience… instead of a bunch of theories and fluff like the “gurus” sell every day. The insights and knowledge you’ll find inside our lair are exactly what allowed me to earn over $500K in client business in just 90 days… book my calendar solid within 60 days of starting a new business… and a LOT more. So in short… you’re getting what WORKS!
  • You get plenty of interaction with me and your fellow League members! I don’t just shove a bunch of videos at you ant tell you to figure it out for yourself – our exclusive Facebook group, group coaching calls, and other interactive opportunities will help you take your coaching business into the stratosphere!
  • You get a community of like-minded coaches who care more about earning coaching fees… they care about the success of every coach in our secret little group, and about the success of every client they work with!
  • You get the bragging rights of belonging to the coaching group with the best name ever! (Except, you know, we’re a secret group. So no bragging…)

Now It’s Time for You to Decide…
Are You In?

Fellow Super-Coach, you’ve got a BIG decision weighing on your shoulders. And the time to make that
decision… is now.

Will you continue to wander around the Coaching Universe, figuring things out for yourself and putting a
target on yourself as easy prey for the many villains around here?


Will you decide to stand up for yourself… for your fellow coaches… and for clients everywhere who are
crying out for JUSTICE – and join forces with the booty kicking-est group of superhero coaches
anywhere in the Universe?

In your heart, you know the right choice.

You’ve heard the call to be exceptional.

And you know the League is the perfect way to answer that call.

Now all that is left to do is:

Join the League of Certified Coaches™

It’s time to unite with the coaching warriors of JUSTICE today.

When you click the button below and complete your membership registration, you’ll immediately open the door to:

  • Hall of Certifications, where you’ll be able to choose your initial certification topic and get started on the coursework to earn first certification!
  • The Monthly Super-Coach Training Courses, where you’ll take part in monthly trainings to help you become an incredible, in-demand coach!
  • The Template Vault, where you can grab done-for-you templates to help you make short work of everyday tasks in your coaching business!
  • The Monthly Super-Mentor Sessions, where you’ll gather (virtually) with your other League members and take part in in-depth coaching sessions with me each month!
  • The Secret League Headquarters (aka Facebook Group), where you’ll connect with some of the most authentic, motivated coaches anywhere… so you can ask questions, give advice, form “side alliances” and just have a great time!

And as soon as I’ve put on the finishing touches, I’ll be making some announcements about the next annual Coachies Super-Coach Awards (be sure to watch your inbox for that!)

And You’re Getting It All for the Low Monthly Membership Dues of Just...


(Join today, and I’ll lock in your monthly dues amount FOR LIFE! Your dues will NEVER increase!)

Yes, Amanda! I Want to Join!

Don’t Forget... You Get to Keep the Certification
Courses You Complete... Forever!

Remember how I told you that once you complete a course and receive your certification, you get full white label rights to use, change, and resell the course materials?

Well, that’s for life. Even if you decide to cancel your membership, you can still resell the materials from courses you’ve already been certified in. You just won’t be able to use the materials from courses you haven’t taken or finished.

I can’t think of anyone else who does that. Can you?

But There Are Only a Few Spots Left… So You Need to Act Fast!

Unlike coaches that just bombard you with videos, I like to actually get in there and interact with my clients. After all, no matter how well I explain things on video, you’re always going to have questions.
Plus, it’s just awesome to be able to get to know you and share insights that are specific to your unique coaching business.

So here’s what I’m getting at: I can only let a small group of people in. That ensures that I can give you the attention you deserve (and makes it easier to form strong connections with your fellow super coaches).

Right now, there’s not a lot of room left. And once the League roster is full, I won’t be able to let anyone else in unless someone leaves. (And why would anyone do that?)

So if you want to get your hands on:

  • The best real-world training for coaches around
  • White label rights to course materials for topics you’re certified in
  • Tailored training designed to skyrocket your potential as a coach
  • Heaps of templates to give you back hours of your work week
  • Access to our private Facebook community
  • Annual awards where you can be recognized for your achievements and contributions

Then you need to click the button below to add your name to the roster right now:

(Join today, and I’ll lock in your monthly dues amount FOR LIFE! Your dues will NEVER increase!)

Yes, Amanda! I Want to Join!

Can’t wait to welcome you inside!


P.S.: A couple of final notes:

First, I ordinarily charge between $400 and $2,000 for EACH of my certification courses. And hundreds of coaches like you have paid that without blinking an eye. But you’re getting access to choose one certification course a month, PLUS all of the group trainings, templates, the private Facebook Group, and the Coachies Super-Coach Awards… for less than half of what I charge for my cheapest certification.

Second, you’re getting access to certification courses I’m NOT making available to the general public. So those other coaches who don’t get in… will never be able to get their hands on those trainings and templates! (How’s that for a competitive advantage?)

Why in the Coaching Universe would you pass that up? Click the button and lock in your place now!

Yes, Amanda! I Want to Join!

Disclaimer: The League of Certified Coaches Membership DOES NOT INCLUDE our Premium Memberships. The following are NOT INCLUDED: Certified Cash Injection Coach, Get The Yes Certified Coach, Marketing With Archetypes Certified, Certified Marketing Planner, Certified Flash Launch Coach, and other Premium Certifications as we create them.

Further, as we are building up the library of Certifications, you will be considered a "Founding Member" and will get to help decide which ones are created each month. When you join, feel free to post in the group with specific requests.