A quality marketing plan requires extreme CLARITY on your business model. The problem is most clients have no idea! That’s why we’ve been able to sell this material to high-ticket V.I.P. clients (and they pay us $20K+ a pop!) and, when you are licensed, you can do the same!  When you become a Certified Business Model Breakthrough Coach, you will have access to everything you need to coach your clients through the foundations they need clarity on in order to create a successful business plan.

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The only certification program that not only teaches coaches how take control of the cash flow in their own business (with quick cash strategies that don't require a webinar, sales page, big launch, or crazy technology), but it also teaches coaches how to apply these same strategies into their client's business too.

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Armed with the step-by-step, proven strategies for filling sales call calendars and connecting with ideal prospects to not only get them to say “YES” to working with you, but to also turn them into loyal, incredibly happy, paying customers… these SUPERpreneurs are taking back the coaching industry for GOOD!

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