An Elite Membership Program With Monthly Certifications For Business, Marketing, Sales, and Money Coaches Who Want To Do The Coaching Industry Justice By Honing Their Coaching Skills To Get Big Results For Their Clients FAST.

The only certification program that not only teaches coaches how take control of the cash flow in their own business (with quick cash strategies that don't require a webinar, sales page, big launch, or crazy technology), but it also teaches coaches how to apply these same strategies into their client's business too.

Get access to the Top Secret Planner me and my VIP and Mastermind clients are using to map out an entire year’s worth of marketing….and learn how to use it with your clients, so they are never stuck wondering what they should be working on each day!

Get Step-By-Step Instructions For How To Help You And Your Clients Create A Business That Perfectly Aligns With Their Personality, Preferences, and Lifestyle Desires!

Armed with the step-by-step, proven strategies for filling sales call calendars and connecting with ideal prospects to not only get them to say “YES” to working with you, but to also turn them into loyal, incredibly happy, paying customers… these SUPERpreneurs are taking back the coaching industry for GOOD!

Flash Launch Coaches are a unique kind of SUPERpreneur – they’re all about getting real results fast from their launches… while spending as little time and energy as possible making it all happen. And they’re dedicated to helping other business owners escape the “insane launch” trap that all those heinous “gurus” have set for them.