Amanda Goldman-Petri

is an internationally renowned as a Super Coach with one of the highest client success rates in the industry. Armed with the perfect mix of extremely valuable content, compelling stories, and a happy-go-lucky, nerdy personality, Amanda’s presentations are both entertaining and educational.

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My Topics Include

Scale Your Coaching Business

Discover How To Scale Your Coaching Business To Heights Even Superman Couldn’t Reach, So You Can Make More Money Than Bruce Wayne And Tony Stark COMBINED! In this presentation, I will show you how to transition through the common
phases of a coaching business quickly, but with ease. You will discover how I generated OVER half a million dollars in 4 months and expanded my coaching business to 31 countries across 6 different continents (and how you can scale your coaching business without working overtime too)!

Get Better Results For Your Coaching Clients

Discover How To Become A High Paid Super Coach Who Gets Big Results For Their Clients (That Keeps The Testimonials and Referrals Rolling In)! You will learn how to create a service-focused coaching business by honing your coaching skills, so that your clients are getting bigger results even faster than ever before! We'll also cover the 3 types of results you should aim to create for each and every client who walks through your virtual door!

Increase Profits With PLR and White Labeling

Discover The Unconventional Way To Profit With “White Labeling” In Your Coaching Business. We will cover how to use PLR and White Label materials to create all of the free content and paid programs in your coaching business faster than the Flash. You'll also discover how to determine if a Certification or PLR program is worth purchasing and integrating into your business (so you don’t waste your money on stuff that doesn’t work)! I'll even reveal the 3-pronged approach that EVERY Certification, PLR, and White Label program should use to ensure best results for clients.

As Seen On

As Seen On


Recent Media Appearances

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YFS Magazine

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Amanda was featured as one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30!

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Amanda was named an Under 30 Up & Comer!!

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Here's What Those Who Have Interviewed
and collaborated with amanda have had to say:

She Shines On Stage

“Amanda's fun and playful energy shines so much on stage. This girl has it going on for sure! What a privilege to have had a change to work with her.” ~ Vanessa Fowler

Amanda's story is truly inspiring!

“Amanda's story is truly inspiring. She is a brilliant entrepreneur that really knows how to leverage a business. I would hire her in a heartbeat!” ~ Suzanne Hanna

Dynamic Speaker With Just A Touch of Nerd

“Amanda is a gifted speaker and coach. Her message is succinct and content rich. Dynamic speaker with just a touch of nerd.” ~ Linda Poteet

Great presence and Energy!

“Great presence and energy, and so much needed information as I build my business and need to know the behind the scenes of running a successful business” ~ Heidi Brant


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After overcoming poverty, child abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and near death, Amanda Goldman-Petri was able to persevere and grow 5 successful businesses by the age of 27. After perfecting her system for growing businesses, Amanda began her coaching career as founder of MarketLikeANerd.com. She quickly became internationally renowned
as the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Online Marketing Coach for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their profits while minimizing the amount of time and effort they put into their business. The business quickly expanded to 31 different countries and Amanda generated over half a million dollars in sales in under 4 months.

While she was happy with her own results, Amanda realized true success as a coach is dependent on your client’s results. She therefore began shifting attention to how she could make a bigger impact in her clients’ businesses and lives. This led to her invention of a series of quick cash injection campaigns. Using these campaigns, her clients generated nearly a million dollars in sales in less than 60 days. Today, Amanda teaches other coaches how to get bigger and faster results for their clients too. Amanda has been featured on major media outlets such as Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Small Business Trendsetters, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Worth Magazine, International Business Times (and more). She was named one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Influencive, as well as an Under 30 Up and Comer by The Tampa Bay Business Journal.